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Berj Bardakjian
Jonathan Kelly
Mireille Broucke
Sheila McIlraith
Goldie Nejat
Yu Sun

Researchers in robotics and mechatronics at the University of Toronto have their academic homes in the following departments:


  • Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE)
  • Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS)
  • Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME)
  • Department of Computer Science (CS)
  • Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (TRI)


Below is a list of the researchers with brief descriptions of their research areas and main academic appointments.

Parham Aarabi, ECE (Reasoning and Learning, Signal Processing, Vision and Image Processing)

Berj Bardakjian, IBBME (Neural Engineering Generation, Control of Cellular Bioelectricity)

Beno Benhabib, MIE(Computer Vision, Multirobot Systems)

Tim Barfoot, UTIAS (Motion Planning, Mobile Robotics, Multiagent and Multirobot Systems, Space Robotics)

Christopher Beck, MIE (AI, Planning and Scheduling)

Craig Boutilier, CS (Decision Making, AI)

Mireille Broucke, ECE (Control, Multiagent Systems)

Chris Damaren, UTIAS (Control, Dynamics)

Edward J Davison, ECE (Control)

Gabriele D´Eleuterio, UTIAS
(Dynamics, Multiagent and Multirobot Systems, Space Robotics)

Sven Dickinson, CS (Computer Vision, Object Recognition)

Eric Diller, MIE (Mechatronics, Micro-Robotics)

Sanja Fidler, CS (Computer Vision)

James DrakeSurgery, General Engineering and Hospital for Sick Children (Image-Guided Surgery, Surgical Robotics, Simulation & Modeling)

Reza Emami, UTIAS (Space Mechatronics)

David J. Fleet, CS (Machine Vision, Visual Perception)

Brendan Frey, ECE
(Reasoning and Learning, Vision and Image Processing)

Bruce Francis, ECE (Control)

Roman Genov, ECE (Sensor Systems)

Andrew Goldenberg, MIE (Robotics, Mechatronics)

Jonathan Kelly, UTIAS (Computer Vision, Navigation and Localization, Sensors)

Raymond Kwong, ECE (Control)

Ofer Levi, IBBME & ECE (Biosensors)

Hugh Liu, UTIAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Multiagent and Multirobot Systems)

Sheila McIlraith, CS (Knowledge Representation, AI)

Manfredi Maggiore, ECE (Control, Motion Planning)

Steve Mann, ECE (Signal Processing, Personal Robotics)

Alex Mihailidis, IBBME (Engineering in a Clinical Setting, Neural, Sensory Systems & Rehabilitation)

Paul Milgram, MIE (Human-Machine Interfaces)

James K Mills, MIE (Control, Manufacturing Robots)

Ridha Ben Mrad, MIE (Actuators, Mechatronics)

Hani Naguib, MIE (Smart Materials, Artificial Muscles, Electronic Skins)

Goldie Nejat, MIE (Service/Personal Robotics, Socially Assistive Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, Mechatronics)

Lacra Pavel, ECE (Control)

Kostas Plataniotis, ECE (Signal Processing, Vision and Image Processing)

Milos Popovic , TRI (Medical Applications)

Aleksandar Prodic, ECE (Power Consumption)

Jonathan Rose, ECE (Architectures, Computation)

Frank RudzicsCS (Human-Robot Interaction, Dialogue)

Angela Schoellig, UTIAS (Flying Robots, Robot Learning, Controls for Robot Autonomy, Autonomous Driving)

Ali Sheikholeslami, ECE (Sensors)

Anthony Sinclair, MIE (Sensors)

Yu Sun, MIE (Mechatronics, MEMS, Sensors, Vision and Image Processing)

Olivier Trescases, ECE (Power Consumption)

Shahrokh Valaee, ECE (Navigation and Localization, Networks)

Sorin Voinigescu, ECE (Sensors)

Willy Wong, ECE (Medical Applications)

Murray Wonham, ECE (Control)

Wei Yu, ECE (Networks, Optimization)

Rich Zemel, CS (Machine Learning, Computer Vision)

Jean Zu, MIE (Dynamics, Automotive Applications)