Postdoctoral Positions

Job Opportunity: Machine Learning/Electrical and Computer Engineering for Aerospace Technology
Position: A research associate, postdoctoral or Ph.D. position is available, full- or part-time.
Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

The University of Ottawa invites applications for the Position on Machine Learning and Aerospace Technology.

The candidate will work with a supervising professor, engineers, and research associates, on an industry-academic collaboration that involves the development of a sophisticated flight controller for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The candidate will also work in conjunction with the industrial partner’s electronics, software, and mechanical engineering personnel as needed. The company is a small organization located in Ottawa, ON, where it has a lab and office space, and near Odessa, ON at a private aerodrome where it flies some aircraft for R&D purposes.

Candidates should possess a degree in a relevant engineering discipline such as electronics or electrical engineering. Computing science, mathematics, or mechanical engineering might also be acceptable depending on the candidate. Knowledge of mechatronics/robotics and experience with sensor hardware, controllers, and data would be valuable. Working knowledge of hardware, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino; and software, such as MATLAB and C++, would be an asset.

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