Seminar: Dr. AJung Moon – AI Ethics? Roboethics?: Practical Approaches to the Growing Ethics Discussion about Machine Autonomy

November 7, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Speaker: Dr. AJung Moon

Affiliation: Director of Open Roboethics Institute; CEO and Technology Analyst of Generation R Consulting Inc.

Location: Mechanical Engineering Bldg, 5 King’s College Road, Room MC102

Date and time: November 7th, 2017, 5-6 PM


Ethics is increasingly becoming a buzz word in AI and robotics. Machine learning algorithms and robotics systems have been developed and used for years, but never before has the discussion about ethics of the technologies been getting so much attention. What is all this AI ethics and roboethics discussion all about?

As applications of robotics extend to areas outside of industrial environments, roboticists are increasingly noticing the importance for designers and policy makers to address the question of “What should a robot do?” At the same time, industries are struggling to innovate their operations with data-driven, predictive algorithms without the full understanding of what undesirable effects these algorithms can have on their organization and our society.

Drawing from studies in human-robot interaction and roboethics, this talk will present technical and non-technical approaches to integrating ethics in the design of technological systems. These efforts include technical design and implementation of human-inspired robot behaviours, public polls and surveys to better understand public perception of the technologies, and ethics assessments that aim to enable design of predictive algorithms.

Speaker biosketch

Dr. AJung Moon is the Director of Open Roboethics Institute (ORI). Formerly known as the Open Roboethics initiative, ORI is an international roboethics think tank that investigates ways in which stakeholders of robotics technologies can work together to influence how robots should shape our future. What should a robot do? What decisions are we comfortable delegating to robots? These are some of the questions ORI has been exploring in the domain of self-driving vehicles, care robots, as well as lethal autonomous weapons systems.

AJung is also a CEO and the Technology Analyst of Generation R Consulting Inc. that provides ethics assessment of AI/machine learning and robotic systems. Generation R helps organizations make informed design and policy decisions to innovate with the advanced technologies without compromising the organization’s values.

AJung became a Vanier Scholar in 2013 and received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia with a specialization in the design of human-inspired interactive robot behaviours. As a roboticist with experience in both roboethics and HRI, she has been heavily involved in international and Canadian discussions on artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. She serves on the Executive Committee of The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems and served as a co-chair of the IEEE Global Initiative’s committee on embedding values into autonomous intelligent systems. She is an organizer of the Canadian Robotics Network newly being established, and a panelist of the International Panel on the Regulation of Autonomous Weapons (IPRAW). She frequently serves as an expert panelist, speaker, and guest lecturer on roboethics.

Note: Dr. Moon’s lecture is hosted by the Institute for Robotics & Mechatronics (IRM)

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