Graduate Studies Requirements and Courses


A student must take four courses from at least three out of four distinct groups. Courses are listed by group below. A student is required to take the remaining courses needed to satisfy the program requirements of his/her home department.

Students must contact course instructors to ensure that they satisfy all the course pre-requisites. Please see the list of researchers in robotics and mechatronics at the University of Toronto. Students who complete the requirements of the Emphasis will be able to have their Emphasis be noted on their transcript. Please note, we no longer issues hard copy certificates, and this notation will only appear once you receive your degree and graduate.


Group 1: Control

Control Analysis Methods with Applications to Robotics

Number Name Exclusions Notes
ECE1619 Linear Geometric Control Theory
ECE1636 Control of Discrete Event Systems I
ECE1647 Introduction to Nonlinear Control Systems
ECE1653 Hybrid Systems and Control Applications
ECE1657 Game Theory and Evolutionary Games
ECE557  Systems Control ECE410 Engineering Science Course
MIE1064 Control Analysis Methods with Applications to Robotics
 MIE1068 Applied Nonlinear Control

Group 2: Signal and Image Processing

Number Name Exclusions Notes
AER1513 State Estimation for Aerospace Vehicles
CSC2503 Foundations of Computer Vision
CSC2515 Introduction to Machine Learning
CSC2506 Probabilistic Learning and Reasoning
ECE1511 Signal Processing
ECE1512 Digital Image Processing and Applications
ECE516 Intelligent Image Processing
JEB1433 Medical Imaging

Group 3: Dynamics

Number Name Exclusions Notes
AER1503 Spacecraft Dynamics and Control II
AER1512 Multibody Dynamics
AER506 Spacecraft Dynamics and Control Engineering Science Course
JEB1444 Neural Engineering
MIE1001 Advanced Dynamics

Group 4: Systems Integration

AER525RoboticsECE470Engineering Science Course

Number Name Exclusions Notes
AER525 Robotics ECE470 Engineering Science Course
AER1514 Mobile Robotics
ECE1373 Digital Design for Systems-on-Chip
ECE1460 Special Topics in Photonics: Introduction to Micro/Nano-Fabrication
ECE532 Digital Systems Design
MIE1070 Intelligent Robots for Society
MIE1809 Advanced Mechatronics
MIE506 MEMS Design and Microfabrication
MIE1071H Advanced Robotics
MIE505H Micro/Nano Robotics
AER1217 Development of Autonomous UAS